Wellness Adjustments

Spinal adjustments help to restore communication between your brain, your spinal cord, and your nerves. It is normal to have our vertebrae to become "out of place" since we are constantly on the go and moving.

With regular adjustments the following benefits are possible:

Pregnancy Adjustments

Prenatal and Postnatal care are both very important as a new or expecting mother! While pregnant, a woman's body is everchanging - new aches and pains arrive daily and the stress/excitement of what's to come can be overwhelming! Dr. Lindsey uses Webster Technique to adjust prenatal moms. 

With regular perinatal adjustments the following benefits are possible:

Pediatric Adjustments

Pediatric adjustments are designed to be extremely low force and very comfortable for the child receiving them. The pressure used is similar to putting in a contact or checking the ripeness of a tomato! It is never too early to bring your child in! 

With regular adjustments, the following benefits are possible: